Dynamic Drinkware 

Who doesn't have a favorite cup that they carry around? Everyone is on the go, and these tumblers and stadium cups are as useful as they are fun. There are several options with Dynamic Drinkware so your organization can choose what is best for them!


Classic - Participants take catalog orders from supporters and the organization submits a master order for all tumbler sets ordered. Organization will receive the tumblers, sort and distribute to participants who then distributed to supporters.


Express - The organization orders fundraising cards to deliver to participants. Participants sell $25 Fundraising Cards to supporters and return money and unsold cards to the organization. Supporters redeem their Fundraising Cards online for their favorite tumbler and it ships directly to them.


Custom - Your organization can bulk order custom tumblers for your team, school, event or organization and sell them directly to supporters.


Drinkware options 1
drinkware optons 3
Drinkware options 2

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