Fundraising Options

Hand-to-Hand fundraisers: These are where you have a standard product in bulk (ex. Signature Chocolate Bars) that your participants sell in the location of their choice. These are easy to administer, are a one-time touch with a customer (no order now, deliver later), and are cost-effective.

Order-taking fundraisers: These are the traditional brochure-based ordering fundraisers where you can sell more customized options that specifically are of interest to those purchasing from your group. Simply share the brochure with your supporters, take their specific order and deliver the product on the back-end


Regardless of the solution for your fundraising needs, we still work to keep them simple and provide quality product to your supporters.


When you choose to work with me, you get a local partner who will do what I can to look out for you. This means ensuring you have all the necessary information upfront to deliver a successful fundraiser, and ensuring you don't get stuck on the back-end. For example, if you are selling the Signature Chocolates, you wont be stuck with any full boxes of chocolate at the end of your campaign.

NEED: your school, group, organization or team needs to raise funds, but you don't know where to start.

CONNECTION: you connect with me and I will help you determine the right path to success

PLANNING: together we will set out a plan including the program you will use, timing, incentives and goals, and logistics

INITIATION: based on your fundraising goals, participants and logistical factors, we will have an official kick-off where I will assist in explaining the fundraiser, answering questions, and building excitement.

EXECUTION: while your group will lead your fundraiser, I will continue to be your partner; answering questions, handling problems, and helping you close out and deliver incentive rewards to your participants.

CLOSE-OUT: when your fundraiser is complete, we can evaluate the outcome and plan for future fundraisers.


Contact Kevin:   502-639-5370